Pak Circles can not provide any guarantee that any trainer, MOD, cheat code, save game or any other product downloaded from our site will work for you. At the time of adding such things on our site, we always check them at our end to make sure they are working and real but we cannot guarantee that they will work for you also. All downloads at Pak Circles are provided “AS IS”. Download and use them at your own risk.

Game Trainers and Cheats:
Usually several versions of a single game are released worldwide and from time to time, game developers keeps offering new updates for the game which means each one of them will have different piece of code. While the trainers, cheat codes and editors are usually developed to support only a single version of a game. We try our best to mention specific versions on which the trainer will work. So before downloading, always check if the trainer supports the version of game you have. The trainers we provide on our site are not intended to be used in any multi-player environment. You should use the trainers for offline single-player mode only.

Trainer is defined as: “Any program that is designed to run outside of the original game source’s code and temporarily modify it in a way that is not intended by the game developers”. So there is always a possibility that it may have unpredictable side-effects on the game. So if you are unsure about a game trainer or editor, do not run it.

We guarantee that each file present on our site is 100% safe and is thoroughly checked for viruses and malicious content before uploaded. We ALWAYS strongly suggest making a backup of your crucial game files before running any piece of software that was designed to modify the game’s files or content. You can find more information about game trainers here.

Save Games:
It is important to make a back up of your original save game before over-writing with the modified save game you have downloaded from our site. We share full and complete save game files for the PC games.

Android Mods:
We only share MODs for the free version android games only. We do not provide any MOD for paid or premium game. The Mods present on our site are only intended to be used for testing purpose only. We strictly prohibit the use of our MODs for any commercial purpose.

If you ever experience problems after executing a file downloaded from our site, please let us know so that we can investigate it further. We will address the problem immediately and if the file(s) in question are found to have malicious side effects, they will be removed from the site immediately and the author of the program will be banned from posting any more files at our site.

We only share freeware and trial version of the software only. Before sharing them on our site, we always check them for any potential viruses or Trojans  We provide 100% guarantee that they are 100% virus free and safe to use.

All the files present on this site are hosted on 3rd party servers and we will not be held responsible for how the visitors use the information provided here.

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