How to Download

If you are facing problems in downloading anything on this site, then do not worry. On this page, i will guide you step by step on how you can successfully download anything from our site after completing a survey. Please follow the steps given below to successfully start your download:

First step is to click on the download button.

Simply click on that button present at the end of each post. Once you have clicked on that button, a new tab will open leading you to our download page. The download page will look like this:


The next step is to click on that “Download Now” button.

When you  will click on the Download now button, a list of available offers (Surveys) will be shown. Now you must complete one of these offers. The offers are usually of the form of small surveys and only takes 4-5 minutes to complete.


Simply click on an offer and finish it till the end. As soon as you will complete an offer, the system will automatically start your download. 


During complete a survey, please make sure that you have followed the following guidelines:

  • You must not use any adblock extension.
  • You must not use proxies.
  • You must use your real information.
  • If an offer is taking longer then 5-6 minutes, then pick another offer and finish it.


Finishing offers is very easy and only takes few minutes. If you are still having any problems, then leave a comment and i will be happy to assist you.

14 thoughts on “How to Download

    1. Umer Jutt Post author

      Hello Fahad, after pressing the download button, a list of offers (surveys) will appear. You have to pick one of the survey and complete it. Once it is completed, you will be automatically notified and the download will start. Everything is done automatically. You just have to pick a survey and complete it.

    1. Umer Jutt Post author

      The download page is compatible with mobile devices and you can download on your mobile. Just make sure that you have completed the survey properly, as it is important to successfully download.

    1. Umer Jutt Post author

      Yes. Please read the instructions given above to unlock the download. It is easy and only takes few minutes.

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