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GTA V 100% Complete Legit Save Game (PlayStation 3)

Today we are going to release 100% legit and complete save game files for the Grand Theft Auto V PS3 version. You will not find the full complete savegame files for the GTA V anywhere else. The save includes all the story-line missions completed, achievements unlocked, random events completed, misc missions completed, hobbies and pastimes missions finished and so on. There is no need to resign anything for this save… Read More »

GTA V 100% Complete Save Game (Xbox 360)

Pak Circles proudly presents 100% complete save game file for the Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 version. This is the first save game file for this game being released on the internet. This save game file contains 69/69 missions completed, all achievements and trophies unlocked, all 3 characters unlocked, all random events completed, hobbies and pastimes missions completed and all the other misc missions and related missions are finished  In short this… Read More »

GTA V Ultimate Mod Tool (Xbox 360)

We have developed an ultimate mod tool for the Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360. This mod has a lot of amazing functions such as God mode, infinite ammo, freeze all, low gravity, super fast days, chaos mode, big trees, no wanted level and a lot of other cool options. The GTA V game is already fun but this mod tool will definitely increase the fun of the game. Features… Read More »

Download GTA V +5 Trainer (Xbox 360)

We are back with a +5 trainer for the one of the most anticipated game of all times “GTA V”. This trainer is for the Xbox 360 version of the GTA V and contains around 6 cheat codes. Some of the cheats include infinite ammo, infinite weapon, infinite health, max money and few more cheats. The game is released only for Xbox 360 and the PS3 at the moment but there are rumours about… Read More »