Punch Hero Hack Mod APK (Unlimited Coins + Cash)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Punch Hero Hack Mod (APK Files) can be now downloaded from our site and it includes the cheats like unlimited cash and the unlimited coins. This is a hacked apk which can be played offline and is full of cheats and Punch Hero tips. We have developed this for all Android devices and no root required as usual. This cracked apk is made using the latest version of app that is v1.3.1. You can see the proof of the cheats in the image given below:

Punch hero Hack Mod


After installing Punch Hero Hacked Mod, you will be able to get following items:

  • Unlimited coins – Getting coins in this game was never so easy. You will get a lot of coins.
  • Unlimited cash – Along with coins, you will also get a lot of cash.
  • Works for all – This is a universal application and works on all Android devices.


As the name suggests, it is a boxing game for the mobile devices which has made a great hit on the Google Play store. This is the #1 boxing app as available on the app store and has crossed the 10 million total downloads. Swing your firsts, dodge the punches from the oponent and beat him down to the ground. All of this in one single app. Finding cheats for punch hero android is very hard but not any more as you can easily download our modded apk.

There are not that many tips for this game are available and the modded version available on other sites are outdated. Only our modified version is actually working. For the new players, there is a training ground where you can learn the basics of the game like enhancing your skills or getting better at fighting. Some of the special skills and power moves are also available in the store which can be bought using the game virtual currency i.e. coins. This is one of the games which can get the adrenaline pumping in your veins as soon as you play it. I have never played a game like this which is so intense and full of fun.

Following the trend of the new apps, you can also customize your character like adding a cool beard or some good looking costumes. A very extensive range of items are available in the app to fully customize your character. It is based on 3 different game modes while each one having a different skill level. The modes are Arcade mode, Amateur mode and the Pro mode. The last mode is the most toughest in the whole game. One more thing which makes it a top notch boxing app is that you can also play against your friends in the online mode.



How to Use:

1. Download our hacked mod then un-install any previous version (if you have installed it from Google Play).

2. Install it and then launch it.





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