My Talking Tom Android Mod APK – Unlimited Coins

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Download My Talking Tom Android Mod (APK) which is based on the latest version 1.3.1 as available on Google Play and get more than 25 million coins with all the ads removed. Let’s be honest.. You need coins to get the Tom cat do the cool things and that costs a lot of real life money but with our mod, you can get a never ending supply of coins. It will be more better then the actual game. 

My Talking Tom Android Mod APK

Features of the My Talking Tom Mod:

  1. Unlimited Coins – More than 250,00,000 coins in the app for free.
  2. Ads removed – The ads in the game will be removed so you can enjoy it without annoying advertisements.
  3. No root – Works on all android devices with v2.3 or higher and no root is needed.
  4. Made from latest version – We always like to give you the best deal. That’s why we made this mod from the latest available version of application.


Only the APK file is required as the game installs the important data itself. We have made some changes in the main APK file like changing the values of the coins, activating the in-game upgrades and few more things which will make this app more amazing. We have tested it on Galaxy S4, HTC One, Google Nexus and the cheats are working fine on all these devices.

Being rated as the #1 game in more than 135 countries is not a small achievement but this game has done it and still doing it each and every day. Did you ever wanted to have your own little pet? or you wanted to have a little cat with which you can play all day long? If yes then this is made for you. Little Tom is so cute and adorable that you will never be bored from this game and he will keep you entertained for hours long. Feed him, love him and even dress him in any way you want! The possibilities are endless.

Another app, which is very much similar to this one is Clumsy Ninja and we have already shared cheats for Clumsy Ninja. In the starting, our little cat will be small. You have to help him grow up but that will require a lot of work like feeding him, taking care and even putting him to the bed. He is just like a little baby which needs your attention. Real life like emotions are what has made it a #1 app in dozens of countries. You can also visit your friends in the game and see their tom cats. In case, if you run out of coins, there are also a lot of mini games to help you earn some coins or you can use our My Talking Tom Android Mod and stop worrying about the coins.

This app is not gonna end any time soon. More than 70 different levels and 9 different stages are present. One more thing you will need to lookout for and that is : Tom can repeat whatever you will see. This was the main feature which gained that game so much popularity.


How to Use: We have included the instructions inside the download package. Please read them.




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