Guardian Cross Hack iOS (Unlimited Coins)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Looking for a way to get unlimited coins in this game?? Download our Guardian Cross Hack. You will get infinite supply of coins, no cost for combining cards and a lot more cool features which you will not find anywhere else. Unlike others, it does requires jailbreak device but we will make something for non-JB very soon.

Guardian Cross cheats


This is what we have to offer with out Guardian Cross cheat tool:

  • Infinite coins – Why pay up to $50 for getting few coins when you can get unlimited coins using our tool??
  • Combining cards – Combining cards in the game will not cost anything at all.
  • One hit Kill – You will get one hit KO for all the monsters.
  • Freeze Monsters – This will freeze the monsters and they will not move.


If I say that it is one of the best card games available on mobile platform, then it will not be wrong. With more than 1,000,000 downloads all around the world, it has set new standards. When it comes to variety, you will get access to 300 different type of guardians. Capturing them and then training them are the most hardest parts in this game but that’s the only way to unlock the true potential of these divine beasts.

It is more of a VS style card game in which you compete against other real human players. It will be your card vs. their card and only the toughest will survive. One more thing to mention here is that the developers of this site are the same as of famous Final Fantasy so can be assured that you will get the best out of it. Some nice graphics touch is also being added by their graphic designers.

Only playing against other players is not the only fun you will get. Capturing the guardians from the Northern Cross’s hunting grounds using enchanted rifle in limited time and then training it is also an important part of the game. Several hunting grounds are available as mountains, grass lands, tundras and several new ones on their way with new updates. Combining several cards into one and sacrificing one guardian to level up the other can get you some special abilities in the game. I have played many card games in the past but this is the best among others. Its upgrade system, high number of players and the different in-game elements sent you back in a mystical world.

Versus battles increases your rank and each win is counted as a point on your side. These battles can also earn you some special edition cards which costs a lot of real life money if you plan to buy them. One more thing I would like to mention here is that this hack is working with the latest update of the app.



1. First step will be to download and extract the Guardian Cross Hack.

2. Use iFunbox and copy the binary file which you got in step 1 and paste it to /var/mobile/Application/GC/DoD

3. Set permission to 777 (read, write and execute).





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