Need for Speed Rivals PC Save Game (100% Complete)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016
Download complete save game files for Need for Speed Rivals which have 100% completion rate. As the save game is at the 100% completion rate, this means that all the cars are unlocked, career mode completed, all upgrades finished, maximum nitro, maximum, maximum acceleration and the super bonus car which can only be unlocked after finishing the game.

Need for Speed Rivals Save Game

Features of Need for Speed Rivals Save files:
1. All cars Unlocked – All the cars starting from the first one to the super fast cars from big manufactures will be unlocked.
2. All Races Finished – All the races in the cop, racer career mode and other races have been won and finished.
3. Max Upgrades – All the cars are also upgraded to the maximum level like max nitro, max brakes, engines and so on.
4. Max Money – As the game is 100% completed, so you will get a lot of in-game money.

All the single player campaign and other mode races are already won and they are available which means you can play any race you want with the fastest car. Right after using this save game you will get access to the best performance and top speed cars which can win you any race and remember that there is no need to care about the upgrades too. All the cars are already upgraded to the maximum level to make sure you get the best performance from each car.

Just in case, if there is any thing left, there is also plenty of money available so you can easily buy it in the game. Need for Speed Rivals is the latest edition in the award wining and best racing game of all times. It was released on 22 November 2013. Online multiplayer mode is the main focus in the Need for Speed Rivals and it has been improved so much that you can’t even imagine. Unlike other games, there will be no waiting for the online play. You can join a world full of racers who are ready to race with you or you can quickly start an online race with your friend.

Just imagine what it will feel when you are the racer and your friend is chasing you down in the cop car? The Need for Speed Rivals is aimed toward delivering you the best online racing experience. You can either play as a lone wolf (racer) or pick the role of the cops whose main goal is to chase down the elite racers in their super fast cars. Game will be using the Frostbite 3 engine to deliver high quality stunning graphics never seen before in any older NFS game. This time, Need for Speed Rivals be will be highly diversified and you will experience every kind of weather like snow, dust storm, rain, hail, heavy fog and so on.

Save Location:

After downloading, extract the archive. Then move the save game file to C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Ghost Games\Need for Speed(TM) Rivals\settings.


Version: PC only
Completion Rate: 100%

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