Call of Duty: Ghosts PC Save Game File (100% Complete)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

That’s the 3rd post in a row on the Call of Duty Ghosts game. The first one was for the Call of Duty Ghosts Trainer (Xbox 360), 2nd one was for the PC trainer and this one is for the 100% complete save game file for Call of Duty Ghosts PC. All the missions of the Single Player Campaign mode has been finished, all 40 achievements unlocked, weapons unlocked, maximum health and a few perks for the multiplayer and the squad gameplay are included in this save game files. This save game is one of our best release of all times!

Call of Duty Ghosts Save Game PC

What’s included in the Call of Duty Ghosts Save Game:
Take a look at the unique features of this save game file for the game:
1. Campaign Mode Missions – All the campaign mode missions have been completed and progress of each mission is saved in a new save file. Each mission has its save file so you can easily play any mission of your choice.
2. Achievements unlocked – All the 40 achievements of the Call of Duty Ghosts will be unlocked.
3. Weapons & Other stuff – Some special & new weapons, some explosives and a few other items has been unlocked.
4. Maximum Health – The health bar of the soldier will be increased to the maximum level.
5. Others – Exclusive access to special maps, weapons and special missions. There are also a few more things which you will have to figure out yourself.

I have covered the basic things to give you a general idea about what’s included in the save files. This is a fully completed save file with all the things mentioned above and a lot of other stuff. Some of the missions in the COD Ghosts can be difficult but say thanks to our save files that now you can play any level of your choice or skip the hard levels. I am sure you will want to know what is the last mission of the campaign mode and what happens in the end.

Around 40 achievements are present in the game which are unlocked on special events. While playing the game we tried our best to unlock all the achievements and fortunately we unlocked all of them. The 2nd thing was to make sure that all the special weapons, explosives should be available and unlocked. We did faced some problems in doing it but at the end of the day this task was accomplished too. The health bar of the soldier increases at the later missions and as this save game is fully finished, that’s why the health of the soldiers is at the maximum level. Some special maps and a few perks are also available at the end and those special items are also present in the save file. Rest assured this is a 100% complete save game file.

The all new Call of Duty Ghosts is one of the most hard-to-play Call of Duty games of all times. Things are a little bit different this time as your enemies are thousand times superior than you in terms of numbers, technology and power. You and your team has been outnumbered, outgunned but not outmatched. Fire up your special weapons against the alien army and plan your strategy carefully or you will be taken down by these aliens. Being a member of the special group of special forces “Ghosts”, show off your special skills and fighting power. The future of the world depends on you!

How to Use:
First extract the zipped archive. Further instructions are included in the download package.

Size: 3.92 MB
Supported version: All

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