Payday 2 Instant Level Increaser Tool

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

We have created a small tool which contains ready scripts that can instantly upgrade you to 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 level with all weapons, infinite ammo, all masks, infinite money, infinite skill points, instant action (activation drills etc.) and a lot more things. The main feature of this tool is that it will increase your level to 10, 20, 30 … up to any point you want with just a single click.

Payday 2 Instant Level Increaser Tool

Features of payday 2 Level Increaser:
The features of this tool are given below:
1. Instant level increase – You can instantly increase your level to 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 and even level 100.
2. All masks unlocked – You will get masks of all the colors and the material required for it.
3. Money – You will get a lot of money in the game.
4. Infinite skill points – You will get infinite skill points in the game.
5. All weapons – You will get set of all the weapons in each level.
6. Active debugger – it can enable God Mode, add money instantly to the next phase of the mission, etc).
7. Others – Instant action, quick drilling, power jump and more.

This is a perfect tool for increasing the level in Payday 2 PC game. It will not only increase your level, but it will also give you some resources like masks, skill points, weapons and more stuff. The active debugger mode can active several cheats in the game. One of the cheat include God mode which will increase the powers of your character i.e. you will not die in the game.

The main theme of the game is same that is “Crime”. You will have to do all the criminal activities to get the cash. Simple as that… Everything will be big this time. More contracts, more jobs, more location and more fun. It is up to you whether you can do a small robbery or kidnapping or you can go and empty the big banks. With 4 different type of skill sets, you can easily choose in which field you want to improve your skills. The game is more focused on play it your style that why you are not bound to follow any storyline and powerful customization options allows you to customize almost all the aspects of your character from masks to guns to almost anything.

We have already released a +18 trainer for Payday 2 just in case if you are interested in this. I will personally prefer you to use this level increaser tool because using a trainer will make the game less fun because you get your hands on so much powers. It is very easy to use this tool and detailed instructions on how to use this is already included in the pack.

System Requirements:
– OS: Windows XP
– Ram: 2 GB
– HDD: 10 GB free disk space
– Processor: Intel Dual core @ 2.0 Ghz
– Graphics: Direct X 9.0 compatible card with 256 MB memory

Size: 5.20 MB
Status: Working

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