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By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Download 100% complete save game files for the PC game “Outlast” which will unlock the whole game like all the storyline missions (levels) and giving you the maximum statistics. All the trophies and the steam achievements will also be unlocked. Outlast is the first game of its kind in the horror survival series in which there are no weapons.

Outlast game unlocker - Save game files

Features of Outlast Unlocker (Save Game file):
After loading this save game file, the following items will be unlocked:
1. All missions unlocked – All the missions or levels will be unlocked and available so you can play any level you want.
2. Achievements – All the achievements and the trophies will be unlocked. This also include steam achievements.
3. Maximum health – Health of the character Miles Upshur will be increased to the maximum level.
4. Maximum batteries – You will get the maximum number of batteries.
5. Increased battery lifetime – Your batteries will last longer and for more time.
6. Bonus unlocked – The extra levels and items which can only be achieved by playing the game till the last level will also be unlocked.
and more…

Outlast is one of the most scariest game I have ever played and it scares you more because you have no weapons. All you have is some batteries and you are all alone in the mountains of Colorado trying to survive. This save game file will surely help you in surviving more longer. Batteries are the most important thing in this game as without them you cannot even last even 1 minute. This game features the terrifying monsters which you have never seen.

In the mountains of the Colorado, there is Mount Massive Asylum which is a home of mentally ill people. This house was abandoned long time ago but is recently opened by “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation. You will play as an independent journalist Miles Upshur. Miles breaks into the facality and discovers a secret truth and a terrifying line between the science, religion and nature. Miles has discovered a terrible truth and his only hope of survival is to escape from the facility.

There are no weapons in this game which makes it unique. If you want to survive, then run or hide. Immersive graphics allows you to enter in this horrifying world. In short, this game is a great combination of horror and survival style games.

How to Use:
After downloading this save game, extract it. Then move the folder “238320 to C:\ProgramData\Steam\RLD!\238320. Then all you have to do is to launch the game and load the save game file.

Developer: Pak Circles

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