GTA V Ultimate Mod Tool (Xbox 360)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

We have developed an ultimate mod tool for the Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360. This mod has a lot of amazing functions such as God mode, infinite ammo, freeze all, low gravity, super fast days, chaos mode, big trees, no wanted level and a lot of other cool options. The GTA V game is already fun but this mod tool will definitely increase the fun of the game.

GTA V Mod Tool Xbox 360

Features of GTA V Ultimate Mod:
This mod tool contains 17 options which can totally change the style of the game. The main features are given below:
1. God mode – You will not die in the game.
2. Gravity – This option will decrease the gravity creating an unstable world.
3. Infinite ammo – You will never run out of ammo again in GTA V.
4. Infinite ability – The special ability of all the 3 characters will be infinite and will not decrease at all.
5. No wanted level – The wanted level will not increase at all which means you don’t have to care about the police any more.
6. Increase wanted level – You can also increase your wanted level if you want a little fun with the cops.
7. Car launcher – This is the most special features. Press the A while sitting in the car and see the magic yourself.
8. Spinning bodies – The dead bodies will start to spin.
9. Super hit – Hit some one and he will start flying in the air by the force of your punch.
10. Chaos – The drivers will go crazy creating a chaos in the city.

Additional features: Freeze people, freeze everything, jumping car, big trees, no cars, funny people.

One of the amazing feature of this mod tool is that you can also save your progress easily and can unlock achievements too. A combination of God mode and infinite ammo is more than enough to finish the game easily just like the old times. The other options are also great and will make the game play more fun. You can increase your wanted level or disable the wanted level feature. You can even freeze the people or even the whole city including all the cars, people and animals. The number 10 cheat will make the drivers go crazy which will result in a chaos in the whole city. So when the city is in chaos, you can go and rob some stores while the police is busy in handling the city.

Both the 3 characters have a special ability. This mod tool will make their abilities infinite which means the ability status bar will not decrease at all. You can even make the trees bigger, decrease the gravity, change the style of how people walk, make the cars jump, become super-powerful and even launch a car… You may be thinking what is car launcher. Well you have to figure it out yourself.

How to Use: Please consult the Read Me file present inside the download package for detailed step by step guide on this use this mod tool.


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