GTA V 100% Complete Save Game (Xbox 360)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016
Pak Circles proudly presents 100% complete save game file for the Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 version. This is the first save game file for this game being released on the internet. This save game file contains 69/69 missions completed, all achievements and trophies unlocked, all 3 characters unlocked, all random events completed, hobbies and pastimes missions completed and all the other misc missions and related missions are finished  In short this is a 100% full and complete save file.

complete save game Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Save File Features:
In depth features of save game files are given below:
1. All missions completed – All the 69 missions are completed without using any cheats.
2. Achievements unlocked – All the 49 achievements and the trophies will be unlocked. This also includes the hidden achievements.
3. Maximum cash – All the 3 characters will have maximum cash around $15 million.
4. Maximum health – The health bar of the 3 characters will be increased to the maximum level.
5. Weapons & ammo – All the weapons will be unlocked along with infinite ammo.
6. Collectibles unlocked – All the collectible items will collected and available.
7. Others – All 14 random events completed, strangers and freaks missions completed, all 16 misc missions completed, hobbies and pastimes missions completed and all the 3 characters unlocked.

The 100% completion rate has been achieved in the save game files. Take a look at the screenshot:

100% completion rate of Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360

Want to know how it feels to completely finish the full game? Then go ahead and download this full save game file. There are a lot of cool things and some secret features available if you finish the Grand Theft Auto V which we have not mentioned. So you will have to figure out yourself because we don’t want to spoil the special present which is waiting for you. It took us 48 hours of full game play to finish everything in the Grand Theft Auto V.


Here is a full list of achievements that will be unlocked:

GTA V achivements unlocked

Unlock the true potential of the GTA V with this complete save game file and discover what kind of secrets and surprises and waiting for you at the end of this amazing game. All the 3 characters have so much cash that you can buy anything you want in the game. With the increased health bar and all weapons unlocked, the game will be a lot more fun. All the 3 characters have bought all the properties in the game and have the maximum special ability bar. You can clearly see in the screenshot above that the completion rate is 100%.

Our 2 team members have finished this game after 48 hours of game play. Please note that this save game will work on all type of Xbox 360 consoles including the modified consoles and consoles which are not modified at all. As this is just a save game file so it will work perfectly on all the consoles.



22 thoughts on “GTA V 100% Complete Save Game (Xbox 360)

    1. Umer Jutt

      It was just a rough figure. The Michael has around 15 million cash, Franklin has 12 million and Trevor has 16 million cash. You can easily get more cash as all of them have a lot of assets in the game and income sources.

      By the way do you think that this money is less?? If yes then I can add more money in this. Please let me know.

  1. Anonymous

    how do you install this? is there a way to run it off a USB and then after go back to my original game save so i can finish mine? i want to check out the 100% easter eggs but still have the odd epsilon/altruist/bigfoot missions to do

    thanks for everything man, this is great! please run through step by step, i've never done this but i'm not totally stupid

    1. Umer Jutt

      If I go in more details then it would take a lot of time. In short you can clearly see in the above screenshot that this is a 100% complete save game with everything completed, properties bought, achievements unlocked etc.

    2. Anonymous

      Ok awesome, personally I've completed the game 100% – However thanks to the vanishing car glitch I've lost my Space Docker, I'm trying to solve the massive easter egg puzzle (I believe the Space Docker is needed) and I wondered if you know for certain if the Space Docker is in Franklin's garage? Otherwise I'll be wasting my time.

  2. Anonymous

    Please can you give long stretch mission save file for xbox ?? I not want 100 % save file . When i play long stretch mission game restart every time thats y im requesting for long stretch mission

    1. Anonymous

      brotha' I'm havin the same issue whenever i enter the ammunation the game restarts..
      i cant buy the boiler suits either for that heist kindly gimme the save after buyin those boiler suits..!!
      thanks in advance

    2. Umer Jutt

      It looks like a glitch in the game. I am sure Rockstar must have released a patch to fix this problem. Have you checked for any patches or updates from Rockstar??

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