Disney Infinity: Action! iOS Cheat Tool (All Version)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Download cheat tool for the new iOS app developed by Disney. This cheat tool for Disney Infinity: Action! will give you unlimited coins and free in-app purchases. You can buy all the things from the store totally free. The coins is the main currency of this app and our cheat tool will give you 1,888,890,383 coins! Use them to unlock all the animations and your favorite characters.

Disney Infinity Action iOS - Unlimited coins

Features of Disney Infinity: Action! Cheat Tool:
Features of this cheat tool are given below:
A) Unlimited coins – You will get 1,888,890,383 after using the tool. Pack of 3200 coins costs around $14.99. So just imagine how much money this is going to save you.
B) Free purchases – You can make free in-app purchases like buying the animations and new characters.

You can easily unlock new characters and animations to make new addictive videos and share them with your friends on Facebook. Currently there three characters available Mr. Incredible, Sulley, and Captain Jack Sparrow! As it is the first version new characters will be added soon along with new animations. Have a look at the proof of unlimited coins:

1,888,890,383 coins in Disney Action Infinity IOS
You are free to use the Disney characters in your video in any way you want. More than 30 animations are present in this app which you can use to create stunning videos and bring these characters to life. Almost anything is possible with these animations whether it is a sword fight with Jack Sparrow, flex muscles with Mr. Incredible or even scaring a friend with Sulley. The default way to get coins in the game is by sharing your videos in YouTube and Facebook. Several options are available for saving your video like you can save it on your phone, share it on Facebook, YouTube or even share it in email.

1. Open the game and wait until you see the menu. Then close it from multitask.
2. Download the cheat tool from the link given below.
3. Then use iFunbox and move the com.disney.BSS.PocketInfinity.plist to User Applications/Action!/Library/Preferences.

Requirements: Works on both Jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices
Developer: www.pakcircles.com

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