Company Of Heroes 2 Save Game PC [100% Complete]

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Full complete save game for the action strategy game “Company of Heroes 2” can be downloaded from our site totally free. The save game is 100% complete with all the missions unlocked and upgrades available. All of the soldiers are at maximum level with maximum health, maximum weapons skills and everything unlocked.

Company of Heroes 2 Save Game

Company of Heroes 2 unlocker will unlock the following things:

1. All missions unlocked
2. All units upgraded to the maximum level
3. All vehicles and other things totally unlocked
4. All medals unlocked and achieved
5. All bonus items unlocked
6. All weapons, tanks and other things totally unlocked
7. All commanders unlocked and available
8. and more…

If I list all the items which will be unlocked, then it will take a whole page. Just in short, this unlocked will unlock all the things in Company of Heroes 2 game. This is a real time strategy game in which players play as a General and the ultimate goal is to save the Mother Russia from the enemy invaders. You will have to prove yourself as a Military leader by wining this war. Company of Heroes is the award wining strategy games of all times and it has returned with Company of Heroes 2. Witness the struggle of the Red Army from near defeat to the great victory against Germany. The game takes you back in 1941 – the beginning of World War II which resulted in more than 14 million causalities.

System Requirements:
Minimum system requirements for Company of Heroes 2 are given below:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista, 7 and Windows 8
  • Ram: 2 GB Ram
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
  • HDD: 30 GB free disk space
  • VGA: Direct X 10 compatible graphic card with 512 MB memory




Instructions: After downloading extract the archive. Move all the files to My Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 2\.

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