Magrunner: Dark Pulse +9 Trainer (Retail + GOG + Steam)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

A simple +9 trainer for the new game “Magrunner: Dark Pulse” is now available for download. The trainer will work on Steam version, Retail DVD and GOG version of the game. It contains more than 8 cheat codes including teleportation, super speed, infinite health etc. The trainer is compatible with Windows XP, vista, 7 and Windows 8.

Megarunner dark pulse game trainer - steam version

About the game: The tagline of the game is “When technology meets Cthulhu!”. This is an action puzzle game. You will play as Dax who is selected for the MagTech corp space training program. What started as a training program, soon turned out into a nightmare. Now the only thing you have is the magical “Magtech Glove” and you must learn to polarize and manipulate objects to survive and pass the challenge. More than 40 levels are waiting for you.


Trainer for Magrunner Dark Pulse:
The trainer contains more than 8 cheat codes. This is a simple trainer for this new title but it covers all the important things and it will help you through out the game. Have a look at the trainer options:

Hot Keys
Infinite player health – God mode
Super speed
Slow motion
Super jump – lite version
Super jump – boosted
Drop gravity
Number 8
Store location
Number 9
Number 0
Undo teleportation

The infinite health cheat will give you infinite health in the game which means you will not die in the game. It is the god mode cheat code. The 2nd cheat code which is super speed will increase the speed of Dax. The 3rd cheat is “Slow motion” which will slow down everything in the game so you can see all the actions in the slow motion. The 4th cheat “Super speed – lite version” will allow you to jump higher than normally. The 5th cheat is the enhanced version of the super jump and it will boost your jump. The last 3 cheats are related to teleportation. You can go to any place in the game you want with this cheat.


Note: If you are using this trainer on Windows 8, then please run it in compatibility mode selecting any previous version of Windows.




Size: 3.79 MB


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