Metro Last Light Save Game (100% Complete)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016
After the release of +12 Trainer for Metro Last Light, we are proud to announce that now you can also download 100% complete save game for Metro Last Light. After loading this save game, all the levels, items, bonuses and a lot more things will be available for you. Our save game will unlock the Metro Last Light PC game.

Metro Last Night Save Game

After using the Metro Last Light unlocker, the following things will be unlocked:

  • All levels unlocked
  • All weapons and upgrades completed
  • New weapons unlocked
  • Maximum money
  • Maximum health
  • Maximum ammo, clips and power
  • Maximum Gas Mask time
  • More medical kits available
  • Multiple check point save games through at different levels
  • and more…

In short, everything will be unlocked after using this save game. So if you want to play the last level, or want a new weapon….then just download this 100% complete save game (unlocker) and play 100% complete Metro Last Light game. There are many upgrades and bonus items that can only be unlocked after completing the full game and most of the times, the game play become easy if you get access to all the upgrades from the beginning. Especially the upgrades like new weapons, maximum health, maximum ammo and maximum money can totally change your game play experience.

The ultimate survivor beneath the Moscow has begun and Artyom is the only hope left. With all these upgrades available at your disposal from the beginning  you will definitely save the world from the mutants and restore the peace.

How to Use:
After downloading, unrar the archive. Then copy the folder “Metro LL” and paste it in the C:\Documents\4A Games. You will be asked to over-write the original folder. Click on Yes. Now all you need is to launch the game and load the new save game. Game will be 100% unlocked.


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