Candy Crush Saga Android Mod (1000 Lives, 160 Moves & more)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016

Our team have developed Candy Crush Saga Android Mod which will give you 1000 lives, 160 moves per level, 100 moves on bomb and a lot more in-game cheats. It works perfectly on both rooted and non-rooted devices. This is made from the latest version of the game as available on Google Play.


Here is what you will get:

Take a look at the features of the mod:

  • 1000 lives – You will get around 1000 lives during each level.
  • Bombs and licorice eliminated – All the bombs and licorice have been eliminated.
  • 150 moves per level – The number of moves per level has been increased to 150 moves.
  • 4 minute timed levels – The time of the levels has been increased to 4 minutes and more.
  • 100 moves on bombs – You will get 100+ moves on bombs.
  • Sync with Facebook [working] – Perfectly syncs with the Facebook so you can sync your progress with Facebook or share your progress on Facebook.
  • No tickets needed – There is no need for tickets.
  • Boosters to help you out – All the boosters will be available from the beginning to help you out through out the game.

Only our modded version of the game can sync with Facebook. We have checked it on Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S4 and 5 other devices and it is working perfectly on all of them. This is the #1 mod for this game and our site is being mentioned on famous gaming websites. The total number of downloads of this has crossed the 50,000 digit. There are many half finished cheats floating around like candy crush saga mod no ticket or the boosters apk but we have packed all these things in 1 package.

Are you looking for cheats or a way to get unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga.. this is your ultimate solution. The game has 100’s of levels and as you advance in the game it becomes almost impossible to finish the level without any boosters or extra help. We offer you 1000 lives, increased time per level (more than 4 minutes), all the bombs eliminated and unlimited boosters during the whole game to make sure you get the best out of the it. The download package contains the apk file and instructions on how to use it.


About the Game:
Get ready to make your way through 100 levels in this addictive, colorful and amazing puzzle adventure game. This will be the most sweetest game ever you have ever played. Help Mr. Tiffi and Mr. Toffee to make their way through a world full of sweet candies. This game contains more than 100 sweet levels full of delicious puzzles and adventure. All these things makes it the most sweetest game. No wonder that it is the #1 game on mobile devices and has already hit the #1 spot in the Google Play store. Do you know that you can play it online?? Yes that’s also possible on Facebook.

One of the advantage of the version is that you can easily sync your progress with the Facebook version of the game. There are several items which can be unlocked after completing the level including some bonuses too. The game is very fun and easy to play but hard to master. It will be easy in the starting levels but as soon as you reach the high levels it will become more tough. On such levels, boosters and charms can help you to finish them easily. Using the Candy Crush Saga modded apk is very easy and simple. You just have to download and install it.


How to use: Detailed instructions on how to use the Candy Crush Saga Mod are already present in the download package. Click on download button to download it now.


Size: 35.6 MB
Developer: Pak Circles


88 thoughts on “Candy Crush Saga Android Mod (1000 Lives, 160 Moves & more)

    1. Umer Jutt

      Sorry but currently we only have android version. However, our team is working on an iOS version of the game too. Hopefully the iOS version will be released in the next few days.

      Webmaster @ Pak Circles

    1. Umer Jutt

      There are not any major updates in the version which was released on 31st May. Only a few back-end fixes. We will update it when they will release some major updates.

  1. Anonymous

    So I just download this to my android phone? and will i have to unzip it or run the file? Do I need to have a rooted phone for this to work?

  2. Jorge Rodriguez

    So, you STILL have bombs but with 100 moves right? because with some mods, there are no bombs and since the timed levels need bombs to punctuate some levels are impossible.

  3. Ciolona

    Is there a version with just 1000 lives (or maybe unlimited?). I would like to play the came as the original, just I don't want to wait for the lives to "charge". Is it possible to have a version just with what?
    Thank you in advances. BEst regards

    1. Umer Jutt

      Because you will have to extract the archive. Move the rar archive to the computer and extract it there. Then you can move the extracted files and folders on your mobile and install it.

  4. Anonymous

    You are doing a great job by providing these things for free while the game developers wants to to steal all the money from poor people. +1 from me.

    1. Umer Jutt Post author

      This is the android version but you can download the iOS version too. The link is in the sidebar. Thanks

  5. Ahsan

    Wow it is made from the latest version of CC and i checked all the features and all are working. Keep up the good work.

  6. TB

    Thanks for the latest version. All other sites have old version with full of bugs. Your mod is the latest one with no bugs.

  7. Leti Velazquez

    Do you have to start candy crush all over again from level 1 after the install? Or does it start from the current level your on?

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