Microsoft Showcases Kinect 2.0 ( Illumiroom)

By | Last Updated: April 29, 2016
Microsoft was not present in this year’s biggest electronic show CES 2013 but they have revealed a new technology “kinect 2.0”, an advanced form of Kinect designed for the next gen console Xbox 720 or Xbox 8.

kinect 2.0
Microsoft has posted a video on YouTubeshow casing the new features and changes in the kinect 2.0. The new Kinect 2.0 will be able more precise and accurate in capturing hand movements. The kinect 2.0 will contain Kinect sensors and a new projector system that will project images in the surroundings creating a virtual 3D world. The players will get unforgettable gaming experience. For getting better gaming experience and full advantage of projector, players will have to play in a darker environment.

So how the projector works?

The device first scans the surroundings of the player for obstacles and then creates a color chart to make a 3D world composed of high quality colors. Microsoft has already applied a patent for this technology.

Will this works on old games?
The game developers will have to integrate this new technology in their games to make them compatible. So it means that the old games will not be able to run on it.

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