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Finally Resident Evil 6 has been released on PC (Microsoft Windows) platform. The game was released on October 2012 for the PlayStation and the fans of Resident Evil were waiting for the game. The game is also known as Biohazard 6. Resident Evil 6 is a first person shooting game and its genre is classified as “dramatic horror”.

The characters in the game are Chris Redfield (founder of BSSA), Leon S. Kennedy (agent), Jake Muller and Ada Wong, a freelance agent. All of them have to fight with the massive bio-terrotise attack with a new weapon named as “C-virus’.

Resident Evil 6

We have developed 6 trainers for the Resident Evil PC Game. Each trainer will contain different cheat codes. We have tested them on steam and all other available version of the game and found our trainers fully compatible.

Resident Evil +16 TRAINER (Steam & Retail):

This trainer contains more than 16 cheat codes and is fully compatible with the steam version of the game. With this trainer, you will be able to use Infinite health, ammo, super speed and more. Have a look at the trainer options:

Hot Keys

Cheat Codes

Numpad 1
Infinite Health
Numpad 2
Infintie Stamina
Numpad 3
Infinite Ammo & items
Numpad 4
Infinite skill points
Numpad 5
No recoil
Numpad 6
No overheat
Numpad 7
Unlock all skills
Numpad 8
Infinite time
Numpad 9
Infinite score
Numpad 0
One Hit Kill
Page up
Super spped
Page down
Bullet time
2/4/8/16X skill points
Numpad .
Save Locaion
Numpad +
Numpad –

Undo Teleportation



Resident Evil +6 Trainer (steam):

This is a +6 trainer with more than 6 cheat codes. The trainer given above is better than this trainer but this trainer is also good.
Features: Infinite health, Infinite ammo, super speed, one hit kill.
Download: Click Here to download.

Resident Evil 6 Trainer
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